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Winds of change gusting through the U.S. law firm office landscape

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blowing leavesPositive economic headwinds have picked up force across the U.S. creating increased optimism for 2014 and 2015.  However, the outlook for most law firms remains muted driven by stagnancy across most practice areas and continued fee compression.

On the real estate side, firms encounter markets with shrinking quality options, fueling heightened rents, diminished incentives and increased landlord confidence ahead.

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US Energy Production Hotspots

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United States energy companies are in the midst of an unprecedented energy boom. Check out the infographic below to see where the biggest expansions are happening, and how they impact local real estate needs. More on America’s energy boom

 Where is U.S. energy growth happening?

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Change in U.S. energy production causes a ripple effect

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Over the past few years, we went from being a net importer of oil, natural gas and biofuel, to a net exporter. Check out the infographic below to see how this has impacted energy companies, the economy, the job market, other industries and more.

Fueling a Change Info Graphic


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Future-Proofing for Continued Success Down the Road

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Preparing your company for the futureSuccessful companies understand that the only thing you can predict about the future is that things will change. These companies focus on the agility needed to respond to the unforeseen with maximum certainty and minimum risk.

 What does future-proofing look like?

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Q3 2013 Market Commentary – JLL San Diego

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Q3 2013 Market Commentary - JLL San Diego 1

The Q3 2013 Market Commentary – JLL San Diego  is a quarterly report compiled by the responses of local market experts and brokers in order to obtain a boots-on-the-ground view of the commercial real estate market in San Diego.  This report takes our local professional’s opinions and… Read More