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At SXSW, JLL’s tech team weighed in on commercial real estate trends in established and emerging tech markets, including how tech firms are using real estate to attract top talent. What are the industry’s key drivers?

While crowds eagerly await the next Twitter or Uber, there is another conversation rumbling amongst tech leaders. How are they going to attract and retain the best talent? One way is through their workplace and their

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The “buzz” that attracts the best employees may be different than you think

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What is the key to a successful workplace strategy for tech companies?

    • Need for generational balance: Millennials are projected to rise to 50% of the workforce by 2020, but Baby Boomers will continue to occupy the ranks
    • “Community” is more important than city or suburb: value put on locating to environments that bring people together
    • Moving beyond shelter: tech companies are focused on smart and flexible workplace design

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Law firms nationwide losing leverage to landlords on rental rates

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San Diego’s legal industry  is no exception to the current national trend that’s seeing landlords gaining the upper hand in real estate transactions. Law firms in most markets are finding less supply, higher rents and fewer concessions from landlords.

While leverage has shifted in many markets, JLL’s current Law Firm Perspective identifies some markets and submarkets were  real estate opportunities still remain.

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Our Cities Research Center helps clients’ decide when and where to invest, develop and locate

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Our Cities Research Center, underpinned by 10 years of pioneering city research, brings together our firm-wide resources and expertise on cities around the world to help you identify new opportunities and to navigate through the New World of Cities.


We’ve been investigating property markets in cities across continents for more than 40 years. Ten years ago, in response to the radical and growing impact of urbanization and globalization

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Purchase or Lease? Chris Ross explores the pros and cons in San Diego Physician Magazine

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JLL vice president and healthcare expert Chris Ross shares commercial real estate tips and trends in an article he penned for the March edition of San Diego Physician Magazine.

Chris Ross

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