3 Connections to Google’s New San Diego Location

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  • Google leased two floors at Cruzan’s Verge project earlier this year to facilitate a new San Diego presence. Google’s office appears to be strategically located near more than one of its local interests, and is also real estate that Google used to own during its first foray into making mobile phones.
  • Google acquired Motorola Mobility in 2011 to begin manufacturing mobile phones. At that time, Motorola owned and occupied a local campus which was later sold and rebranded as Verge. Google sold a portion of Motorola to Arris in 2012, along with the San Diego real estate; and Google sold the remainder of Motorola to Lenovo in 2014, effectively exiting mobile phone manufacturing. Now Google is reentering both mobile phone manufacturing and the local property it owned when it first ventured into that arena. It’s not only a connection with the past; Google’s San Diego location is a stone’s throw from Qualcomm, which manufactures the processor which will power the new phone by Google.
  • Additionally, Google’s new San Diego location is next to Dexcom, a local company that Google is collaborating with in a life sciences venture. Dexcom expanded into the entire 133,000 square foot building adjacent to Verge earlier this year. So, Google’s choice of location in San Diego is interesting, and clearly strategic. Time will tell to which end(s).

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