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Growth in the construction industry is “building” and expected to continue through 2017 [SLIDESHARE]

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In late 2014, oil prices experienced significant declines due to oversaturated supply and a slowdown in global demand. Prices have since stabilized but at depressed levels. Materials prices were projected to drop in correlation with oil, but high demand for most major construction inputs has kept prices up overall.

Low gas prices typically drive an uptick in demand for retail, e-commerce, and industrial real estate. However, shipping costs remain high due to a decline in… Read More

San Diego employment update │ March 2015

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Please note that all charts and graphs reflect the most up-to-date data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics employment data.

Click here for more market insight on our San Diego research group web page:San Diego – Research

Post this: JLL Research reports San Diego’s April economic overview reveals Leisure and Hospitality posted 2nd largest increase. Share on LinkedIn

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Logistics and real estate implications for retailers

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Omni-channel-retailersGlobal e-commerce presents retailers with a number of new opportunities. Is your organization prepared to take advantage of them?

E-commerce is rapidly changing the retail landscape, forcing retailers to continually evaluate their business models. While global e-commerce success once depended on offering customers multiple shopping channels, today’s customers demand a seamless, omni-channel experience.

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Retailers Aim to take the Hassle out of the Holiday Hustle

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The holiday season may be the most wonderful time of the year for shoppers, but is the pressure to perform crushing the spirit of retailers? New data from JLL’s 2014 Holiday Sentiment Report, which includes feedback from largely 800 national or global retailers in JLL-managed shopping centers across the United States, suggests retailers are optimistic about store performance, but fighting the “survival of the fittest” match.

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When it comes to the customer experience, renovation is inevitable

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Perhaps no category has undergone a more radical transformation than retail has in recent years. Near-global access to the Internet and speedy adoption rates of smartphones have spawned countless changes to the way we shop and how retailers compete. With a recent US Census report putting e-commerce at less than 6% of overall sales, the in-store experience is as important as ever. Customers are expecting the same experience as they shop across channels, and expect… Read More

Ship-from-store fulfillment: The industrial bridge of retail

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As consumer shopping habits evolve, retailers are striving to integrate physical stores and the virtual marketplace.  Creating a balance between multiple channels is a goal many retailers are planning to implement over the next few years.  The benefits involved in merging the gap are increased customer flexibility, reduced shipping costs, increased sales, etc.  Read this weeks IndustrialImpact series to learn how e-commerce fulfillment centers are bridging the gap between the consumer and the retailer.

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Four reasons 2014 will be “The year of the distribution center”

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Industrial markets nationwide have been recovering for almost four full years, with 15 consecutive quarters of positive net absorption.  Last year marked a five-year net absorption high with 168 million square feet, and current forecasts suggest it could top 180 million square feet in 2014.  Read this weeks IndustrialImpact series to learn the four trends driving this momentum.


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Building a better mousetrap: Building features todays’ e-commerce users want

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As the e-commerce model evolves major retailers are opening new fulfillment centers concentrating more on the consumer experience through all available shopping channels.  Fulfillment centers larger than 500,000 square feet are popping up in markets that offer access to the nation’s key population hubs.  Space-utilization varies from company to company but there are certain features that today’s business-to-consumer users want.  Read this weeks IndustrialImpact series to learn more about the building features e-commerce users… Read More


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At SXSW, JLL’s tech team weighed in on commercial real estate trends in established and emerging tech markets, including how tech firms are using real estate to attract top talent. What are the industry’s key drivers?

While crowds eagerly await the next Twitter or Uber, there is another conversation rumbling amongst tech leaders. How are they going to attract and retain the best talent? One way is through their workplace and their real estate. “Tech

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