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For law firms, cutting-edge design is all about flexibility

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One of the most commonplace phrases of the past decade is “cutting edge.” The question “What is cutting-edge design?” is posed by many in the legal community struggling with how to improve their real estate strategies in this post-recession economy. Space is at a premium and clients are demanding more for less. Just as corporate America struggles to improve its bottom line, so are legal firms grappling with how to adapt their business and real estate strategies… Read More

Office Space Constraints and Efficiency Draw Law Firms to Surprising New Locations [VIDEO]

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JLL report reveals legal industry’s creative real estate strategies to prepare for the future      

Despite the AmLaw 100’s revenue reaching a record $81 billion in 2014, law firms are focusing on efficiency to define their office layouts and locations. The legal sector is using creative space, development and real estate strategies to assure that today’s offices remain practical for the future, according to a new report by JLL.

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The ‘Quiet Riot’ Is Changing the Workplace

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Why are more and more workplaces focusing on acoustic control as a means to improve the employee experience?

Because the impact on productivity is undeniable.  Below are examples of independent studies on the impact of implementing appropriate “speech privacy” measures and related acoustical conditions on office workers:


Noise is a distraction, but it… Read More

Is it Time to Renew Your Commercial Lease? 8 Benefits a Broker Provides.

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This post was originally published on JLL Spaces.

Real estate is one of the largest expenditures an organization incurs, thus warranting a formal, strategic process to making sound decisions. As you approach your current commercial lease renewal, give your organization the best chance at negotiating a favorable agreement and selecting a property that best meets your needs.

To accomplish this, consider using a corporate real estate broker to assist you in the research… Read More

San Diego Life Sciences: A Perspective from the Real Estate, Design and Construction Industry

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The San Diego chapter of ISPE recently held a meeting on the subject of “San Diego Life Sciences: Who’s Coming and Going: A Perspective from the Lease, Landlord and Construction Industry.” This has been a hot subject this year with numerous life science companies being purchased and several new companies moving into the area. Availability in premium lab and office space is dwindling as life science real estate developers work hard to develop… Read More

How going green can boost productivity

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Next time you look around a mid-afternoon meeting and see nothing but stifled yawns and drooping eyelids, don’t think about replacing the espresso machine—think about going green.

A new report by the World Green Building Council (WGBC) and JLL titled “Health, Well-being and Productivity in Offices: The Next Chapter for Green Building” finds that a lack of natural light and outdoor views, air that’s stuffy, too hot or too… Read More

When it comes to rebranding, there’s no room for mistakes

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When it comes to rebranding, below are four common mistakes companies can’t afford to make:

1.    Lack of an over-arching comprehensive plan: Brand implementation is all about building one over-arching strategy-based plan, setting clear objectives, developing a realistic schedule and getting the right people involved at the right time – all heading in the same direction.

2.    Not having one overall brand champion: It’s critical that one… Read More

Bigger is better and slow & steady: Today’s shipping headlines will impact tomorrow’s industrial real estate markets

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Larger vessels allow carriers to maximize efficiencies and therefore lower per-container expenditures, which has resulted in an industry-wide push to go bigger. Although, larger vessels and mega-alliances suggest fewer ships in the water and less frequent port calls. Resulting in carriers choosing industrial corridors with excellent connectivity to inland ports and those seaports able to quickly (and efficiently) off-load cargo. Read this weeks IndustrialImpact series to learn how shipping trends could impact the industrial real estate market.

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Law firms embrace innovation to improve real estate strategies

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What does flexibility at its core look like for law firms? How can your clients make their space more productive?

  • Build outs on modules sized to accommodate multiple uses over time
  • Create more group, smaller “heads-down” space
  • Consider the value of recognized sustainability
  • Leverage enhanced technology

Read and share the new Perspectives on law firms paper to learn what law firms need to do to make their space more flexible and productive.

Click to tweet: #JLL outlines 5… Read More

Industry In[sight]er: Law Firms

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As expenses rise, Law Firms are putting an emphasis on efficiency and adopting a leaner cost structure.  Individual lawyer offices have shrunk by 20% to 25% and some firms have required associates to share an office.  This is leading to an increase in collaboration and the transformation of technology for Law Firms.  Legal documents can be stored digitally now allowing for improved productivity.  Law Firms have reclaimed former filing space for… Read More