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For law firms, cutting-edge design is all about flexibility

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One of the most commonplace phrases of the past decade is “cutting edge.” The question “What is cutting-edge design?” is posed by many in the legal community struggling with how to improve their real estate strategies in this post-recession economy. Space is at a premium and clients are demanding more for less. Just as corporate America struggles to improve its bottom line, so are legal firms grappling with how to adapt their business and real estate strategies… Read More

The ‘Quiet Riot’ Is Changing the Workplace

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Why are more and more workplaces focusing on acoustic control as a means to improve the employee experience?

Because the impact on productivity is undeniable.  Below are examples of independent studies on the impact of implementing appropriate “speech privacy” measures and related acoustical conditions on office workers:


Noise is a distraction, but it… Read More

Earth Day may be over, but green projects are year round.

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Which states are the “greenest?”


They are all over the map.

  • Illinois leads the pack, with 3.31 s.f. of LEED space per capita certified in 2014.
  • California lands in 7th place with approximately 2 s.f. of LEED space in 2014.
  • New York had the most projects certified of the top ten: 250, with 1.74 .
Source: JLL Research, U.S. Green Building Council

Post this: Earth

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Repetition Is Good When It Comes To Ethics

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By: Anne Browning, Marketing Director, JLL

For the eigth-straight year, JLL has been named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute. This award is particularly meaningful to me for two reasons:

1. What Future Employees Think

When I was interviewing with JLL over three years ago, I combed the corporate website for facts, figures and information to determine if there was a fit with my career aspirations and desired corporate culture.… Read More

From Davos: Record real estate investment fueling economic growth

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Global direct real estate investment returned to pre-recession levels in 2014, according to research by JLL, and should reach about $1 trillion annually within five years.

Driven by a robust economic environment, last year’s total investment is estimated at $700 billion—a level not seen since 2006. JLL predicts a further increase of 10-15 percent in 2015 and $1 trillion in annual direct real estate investing by 2020.

“We expect investments to continue to

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How going green can boost productivity

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Next time you look around a mid-afternoon meeting and see nothing but stifled yawns and drooping eyelids, don’t think about replacing the espresso machine—think about going green.

A new report by the World Green Building Council (WGBC) and JLL titled “Health, Well-being and Productivity in Offices: The Next Chapter for Green Building” finds that a lack of natural light and outdoor views, air that’s stuffy, too hot or too… Read More

Has urbanization killed the suburbs? We think not…

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Last week we explored the market dynamics driving growth and opportunity for high-tech across the U.S. and more specifically San Diego in the 2014 JLL High-tech Office Outlook. This week we are focused on urban verses suburban markets, which is a debate that has been waged by economists, businesses, and industries over the last several years in an attempt to understand the successes and failures within local markets that range anywhere from employee… Read More

We are JLL. We take responsibility.

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sustainabilityOur ability to thrive for more than 250 years suggests we know what it takes to sustain a company. At JLL, we recognize the responsibility we have within the global community to act as a good corporate citizen that addresses our environmental, social and governance impacts. This is evidenced by our Global Sustainability Commitment. Our five focus areas – as seen in the infographic to… Read More

Law firms embrace innovation to improve real estate strategies

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What does flexibility at its core look like for law firms? How can your clients make their space more productive?

  • Build outs on modules sized to accommodate multiple uses over time
  • Create more group, smaller “heads-down” space
  • Consider the value of recognized sustainability
  • Leverage enhanced technology

Read and share the new Perspectives on law firms paper to learn what law firms need to do to make their space more flexible and productive.

Click to tweet: #JLL outlines 5… Read More