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How going green can boost productivity

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Next time you look around a mid-afternoon meeting and see nothing but stifled yawns and drooping eyelids, don’t think about replacing the espresso machine—think about going green.

A new report by the World Green Building Council (WGBC) and JLL titled “Health, Well-being and Productivity in Offices: The Next Chapter for Green Building” finds that a lack of natural light and outdoor views, air that’s stuffy, too hot or too… Read More

Building a better mousetrap: Building features todays’ e-commerce users want

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As the e-commerce model evolves major retailers are opening new fulfillment centers concentrating more on the consumer experience through all available shopping channels.  Fulfillment centers larger than 500,000 square feet are popping up in markets that offer access to the nation’s key population hubs.  Space-utilization varies from company to company but there are certain features that today’s business-to-consumer users want.  Read this weeks IndustrialImpact series to learn more about the building… Read More

Law firms embrace innovation to improve real estate strategies

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What does flexibility at its core look like for law firms? How can your clients make their space more productive?

  • Build outs on modules sized to accommodate multiple uses over time
  • Create more group, smaller “heads-down” space
  • Consider the value of recognized sustainability
  • Leverage enhanced technology

Read and share the new Perspectives on law firms paper to learn what law firms need to do to make their space more flexible and productive.

Click to tweet: #JLL outlines 5… Read More