Companies continue to choose San Diego

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skyline smallWith a hot news cycle about companies leaving San Diego for “business-friendly” cities in Texas, the companies that choose to stay in or relocate to San Diego get less attention, which begs the question, are we getting the full picture?

So, before grabbing the proverbial pitchforks and torches, consider this: San Diego continues to maintain its status as one of the largest economies in the world, with below-average unemployment, above-average wages and educational attainment and continued in-migration.

Global real estate services firm JLL (NYSE: JLL) studied this issue, with the goal of offering a broad-picture perspective.

“We’ve all heard the stories, and even though we at JLL are on the front lines of the commercial real estate comings and goings, it’s easy even for us to start thinking the sky is falling,” said Jay Alexander, managing director of JLL’s San Diego office. “After delving into the facts and figures, however, which support San Diego’s incredible vibrancy as a business center, we concluded that energy would be better spent on determining what motivates so many companies to stay put in what is commonly viewed as a very costly place to do business, and what we as a city and state can do to help.”

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