Does your tech company have space to grow?

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Move over Silicon Valley! When it comes to tech innovation, San Diego is not to be overlooked.

In our daily conversations with tech clients, we’ve uncovered four major pain points companies are facing as they think about their real estate needs:

  • Labor: Successful tech companies like Google have upped the ante when it comes to worker expectations about their physical work environment. Finding the right space is essential to attract and retain the best and the brightest.
  • Workplace strategy: It’s challenging for a growing company to determine the right office footprint, or if a co-working arrangement or traditional office space is ideal for their company. And once a space has been chosen, it’s essential to use that space to create positive employee experiences and nurture a unique culture.
  • Financing and costs: Real estate represents a major investment for all companies, and can present much stress for growing companies with unstable cash flows. Many companies are asking how they limit financial exposure and save costs on their space.
  • Managing moves and renovations: Moving into a new office or renovating your existing one is an exciting time. But with change always comes uncertainty. Tech companies are striving to make sure their new space fits the bill and minimize business disruptions.

As an expert adviser to high-growth technology companies, we understand that your workspace is more than just real estate. Be sure to check out our collection of resources addressing some of the biggest challenges facing tech companies here within San Diego, as well as the entire Southwest region. You’ll be solving the most complex real estate challenges in no time. Read more here:

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