How Different is the Millennial Mindset?

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JLL sat down with millennials to discuss their career goals and found these young professionals are perfect to become the next generation of facility managers. The business world is abuzz with talk about the so-called millennial generation. In fact, there’s rarely a day that goes by without a news story about the challenges of hiring and managing these 20- and 30-something workers. If you’re reading those stories there’s a good chance you have some pretty strong impressions of millennials. You might believe they’re technology obsessed, needy and entitled. You might assume that they only want to work for high-tech, Google-like employers, and that they prefer to change jobs every year or so.

Those assumptions are common, according to a recent survey by Scout Exchange and Oracle HCM users group they asked 20,000 human relations professionals about their perceptions of millennials. Not surprisingly, the HR folks said they consider millennials to be entitled, lazy and lacking in face-to-face communications skills.

Infographic: Three essentials for understanding the millennial employee, retaining the next workforce generation


But how many of those folks, or their employers, have taken the time to sit down with actual millennials to discuss their career goals and work preferences? We asked ourselves that question because we, like many U.S. companies, know we’ll be hiring millennials, and lots of them—especially in our facility management business, which faces a huge wave of retirements as the baby boom generations cycles out of the workforce. So JLL set out to find what millennials really want at work—by actually talking to them (gasp!).

JLL surveyed more than 200 young professionals and students in North America, and the results may upend your thinking about the millennial generation, born between 1980 and 1998. To see the results, click here.

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LinkedIn post: After surveying 200 millennials on what they want in a career, JLL knows where they’ll find it…and the field will definitely surprise you. Latest News Special exposes interviews & where they’re climbing career ladders.

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