How shopping centers can scare up good returns from ghost space

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Halloween comes once a year…much to the disappointment of sugar-high kids (and much to the relief of their parents). For years, retailers would’ve largely sided with the kids: after all, Halloween brings increased sales, but only for a short window of time and to certain kinds of shops.


These days, however, the retail sector is embracing the business version of a candy sugar high: using temporary leases to lure pop-up Halloween shops that open between September and November.

Landlords have created a line item in their P&Ls around Halloween. The retailers in most core shopping centers host Halloween festivities on Halloween; UTC, Fashion Valley, Forum Shops, Downtown La Jolla Merchants Association, all make big plans for trick-or-treaters big and small to join in all of the fun. This year, Halloween falls on Friday, which makes for a much more festive environment given that it’s not a “school night” for young or old.

Craig Killman
Senior Vice President, Retail Market Lead, JLL

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