How to make customers fall in love at the movies…with the theater

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More than most years, Hollywood blockbusters are at the forefront of the public’s attention. Oscar nominated films, such as American Sniper, The Theory of Everything, Boyhood and Selma, have tugged at viewers’ heartstrings and won the accolades of critics. For theater franchises though, these flicks offer more than 120 minutes of entertainment: they’re an opportunity to captivate audiences with a new theater experience.


January and February, typically slow months at the box office, pulled a 180 in 2015: American Sniper set a new record for a January opening by taking in $30.5 million on Friday, according to Entertainment Weekly. The Theory of Everything, which debuted in theaters in November 2014, is still showing on screen across the nation.

JLL worked with Rouse Properties on the Chula Vista Center. Rouse decided it was time to give the community of Chula Vista a new and dynamic theater experience. We brought in AMC Theaters and the results have been incredible.The theater is beautiful, equipped with state-of-the-art sight and sound along with full leather electric recliners at every seat. This experience is not easily recreated at home and the community of Chula Vista has embraced it with open arms. The deal was complex in the sense that the bones of the theater were very old years old and AMC was able to come in an renovate every inch of the facility and bring it into the 21st century; it truly is a beautiful theater and one the city, the community and AMC are very proud of.

Craig Killman, Executive Vice President, Southwest Broker Lead

While movie theaters are reveling in the film’s success, they should also look to capitalize on the allure by building enduring loyalty among moviegoers.

“All retailers should be considering how to build customer loyalty by creating a unique, unparalleled customer experience, but movie theaters in particular have unique opportunities to capitalize on high-profile movies to create long-term customer allegiance,” says Steve Pollard, Managing Director of JLL’s Project and Development Services Multi-Site group.

According to JLL, movie theaters can create a customer experience unrivalled by home entertainment to engage this key demographic.

JLL points to AMC Theaters as an example of the ways theaters can create a unique movie-going experience. AMC recently rebranded, renovated and built more than 138 movie theaters nationwide. The renovations, managed by JLL, included an expanded food and beverage menu, new wider, more comfortable recliners in place of the old theater seats and the capability to both buy tickets online and reserve particular seats in advance.

Kerry Stanley, Construction Manager with AMC Theaters, says the renovations have already proven beneficial for customers and for the company’s bottom line. “We’re taking locations that needed to be refreshed…and making them a much better experience for our guests,” he says. “Guests absolutely love these recliner chairs. It’s a bit counter-intuitive, but we sell more tickets with fewer seats because the customer experience is so superior to what it was before.”

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