Is San Diego’s skyline superhero-friendly?

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Comic-Con International starts on July 24 this year and marks the 45th year for the show. This hugely popular, 4-day event takes place at the San Diego Convention Center. Each year over 125,000 participants and visitors from around the world descend upon downtown San Diego, making Comic-Con the San Diego Convention Center’s largest economic generator with an estimated economic impact of over $175 million in 2013. Visitors include famous actors as well as avid comic book fans. But what would happen if the heroes from these comics descended upon San Diego’s downtown? Can these superheroes be contained in the convention center? What other downtown buildings would they gravitate to? Is downtown San Diego, in fact, superhero-friendly?

Super Hero Skylineclick here to enlarge

San Diego’s downtown skyline is comprised of 20 office buildings that define the city’s skyline and drive downtown’s office market (click here to request a copy of the downtown skyline report). These include iconic San Diego buildings such as Emerald Plaza and the more recently constructed DiamondView Tower. Many of these buildings contain elements that we think would attract comics’ famous superheroes. Surely The Flash would want to hang out at 600 B Street because of its great access to two major, fast traveling corridors – Interstate 5 and State Route 163. And wouldn’t Superman rejoice in leaping One America Plaza, the city’s tallest building?

With such a large concentration of superheroes descending upon one location, villains may feel compelled to attack and therefore threaten the fate of San Diegans…and even the world! Surely the good guys (and gals) will prevail, but should a battle to save the world occur, immense damage could be inflicted upon the city – and downtown in particular. Given that replacement costs range from $375 to $425 per square foot in San Diego’s downtown, a battle of this nature could result in $2.8 billion to $3.2 billion in damages. Though, in saving the world from total destruction, no price is too high.

Welcome, Comic-Con! (Please just keep your villains extremely occupied.)


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LinkedIn: Superheroes are coming to San Diego on July 24 — 125,000 strong generating more than $175 million locally in 2013. But what if actual comic characters rolled into the Gaslamp Quarter to fight crime and fly around San Diego’s skyline?  Would Wonder Woman find a place to park her invisible jet? Could The Flash dash around traffic jams? Known for the annual downtown San Diego Skyline Review – a building-by-building assessment of all downtown’s commercial high-rise buildings — JLL has revisited its signature research report with a bit of a new twist.  We’ve set out to determine whether all those superheroes can truly feel at home in downtown San Diego, and where they would most likely be seen.

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