JLL takes 5th Place for SDBJ’s Healthiest Companies

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Healthiest Companies 2015 Logo_SMOn May 7, 2015, JLL received 5th place, under the Companies Based outside San Diego category, in the SDBJ’s Healthiest Companies Awards. Winners were chosen based on their comprehensive wellness programs. JLL has strategically embraced wellness and prioritized a healthy workforce as integral components of our business plan. As wellness initiatives have become commonplace in day-to-day business practices, statistics continue to show that a healthy employee is more motivated, more productive and more committed to the success of the organization. With this growing body of evidence, organizations like JLL are creating innovative activities that reach beyond traditional health care benefits and into areas that address preventive medicine, fitness, and control of chronic conditions from smoking cessation to weight management.


JLL San Diego’s Health Champions Edie Feffer, Sandra Rodriguez and Angie Herrera accept our award from the SDBJ.

JLL’s robust wellness strategy includes a dedicated Well-being team, a network of nearly 300 Health Champions and many programs that encompass all areas of Well-being. The JLL Well-being team focuses on five pillars of Well-being; health, personal, community, financial and safety, our programs are created to address these five pillars and create a culture of health. The main methods used to implement a culture of health include a $725 health rewards bonus with additional bonus opportunities for those with diabetes, joint or back pain, a company-wide fitness challenge competition, a branded benefits package including services supporting a healthy lifestyle, such as health coaching, condition management, stress management and work life balance and financial and legal consultation, as well as a comprehensive network of volunteer health champions. The health rewards program pays out a cash reward for completion of a biometric screening and accomplishment of numbers within range for fasting blood glucose, blood pressure, LDL cholesterol and BMI or improvement of BMI or completion of a health coaching program to help achieve those biometric markers within range. Both employees and dependent spouses are eligible to participate and receive health rewards.

Our wellness programs have a significant impact on our culture which can be seen in our increased engagement and the emphasis JLL leadership has put on health and wellness. It also shows in the activity generated on our internal social media site, the wellness group has nearly 900 active members and is far and away the most active and visited group in our social media platform. Year over year, JLL has experienced 50% increases in engagement in the fitness, incentive and volunteer network. In addition, these programs continue to evolve to include additional applications such as a free Fitbit to motivate exercise and featured topics such Emotional and Safety Well-being.

Congratulations to our local Health Champions for continuing to lead our efforts in overall health and well-being!

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