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The ‘Quiet Riot’ Is Changing the Workplace

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Why are more and more workplaces focusing on acoustic control as a means to improve the employee experience?

Because the impact on productivity is undeniable.  Below are examples of independent studies on the impact of implementing appropriate “speech privacy” measures and related acoustical conditions on office workers:


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Earth Day may be over, but green projects are year round.

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Which states are the “greenest?”


They are all over the map.

  • Illinois leads the pack, with 3.31 s.f. of LEED space per capita certified in 2014.
  • California lands in 7th place with approximately 2 s.f. of LEED space in 2014.
  • New York had the most projects certified of the top ten: 250, with 1.74 .
Source: JLL Research, U.S. Green Building Council

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