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2015 was a banner year for post-recession construction activity.

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U.S. constuction

  • Office space under construction peaked at 92.8 million square feet.
  • Industrial construction was the shining star as consumer confidence grew.
  • Construction costs increased in primary office markets, driven by skyrocketing labor costs, which motivated growth in secondary markets.

JLL’s Construction Outlook report provides valuable insight into construction trends in the U.S. and JLL San Diego’s PDS… Read More

Hoppy to announce San Diego craft brew industry growing in three concentrated areas

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Source: JLL Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Research

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Consistent with national trends, the craft beer industry in San Diego has experienced unprecedented growth in the past couple of years. According to the Brewers Association, a Colorado-based industry group that advocates for craft breweries, in 2013 California had 381 craft breweries producing over 2.9 million barrels per year. With nearly… Read More

San Diego ranks 16 among top 100 metros for total value of exports with $21.6 billion in 2012

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Click here for more market insight on our San Diego research group web page.

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Bigger is better and slow & steady: Today’s shipping headlines will impact tomorrow’s industrial real estate markets

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Larger vessels allow carriers to maximize efficiencies and therefore lower per-container expenditures, which has resulted in an industry-wide push to go bigger. Although, larger vessels and mega-alliances suggest fewer ships in the water and less frequent port calls. Resulting in carriers choosing industrial corridors with excellent connectivity to inland ports and those seaports able to quickly (and efficiently) off-load cargo. Read this weeks IndustrialImpact series to learn how shipping trends could impact the industrial real estate market.

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Ship-from-store fulfillment: The industrial bridge of retail

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As consumer shopping habits evolve, retailers are striving to integrate physical stores and the virtual marketplace.  Creating a balance between multiple channels is a goal many retailers are planning to implement over the next few years.  The benefits involved in merging the gap are increased customer flexibility, reduced shipping costs, increased sales, etc.  Read this weeks IndustrialImpact series to learn how e-commerce fulfillment centers are bridging the gap between the consumer and the retailer.

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The two sides of rent growth: One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor

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With annual net absorption up 17 percent and the total U.S. vacancy rate nearing a 7.5 percent periodic low, we are no doubt pushing towards a landlord’s market. The greatest rent increases are occurring in the high-octane logistics corridors such as the Inland Empire, New Jersey and Dallas. The bottom line is that industrial property owners will see increasing rents from tightening market fundamentals. It will be broad across many markets since… Read More

Four reasons 2014 will be “The year of the distribution center”

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Industrial markets nationwide have been recovering for almost four full years, with 15 consecutive quarters of positive net absorption.  Last year marked a five-year net absorption high with 168 million square feet, and current forecasts suggest it could top 180 million square feet in 2014.  Read this weeks IndustrialImpact series to learn the four trends driving this momentum.


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It’s a mad, mad portfolio world: Aggregators drive pricey premiums

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Market fundamentals continue to support aggressive underwriting for industrial portfolios as ‘aggregators’ pursue opportunities to build scale.  Year-over-year portfolio transactions have increased more than 60 percent.  The momentum is escalating and leading to bigger deals.  As the number of desirable portfolio offerings narrows in 2014, single property trades are expected to progressively increase.  Read this weeks IndustrialImpact series to learn more about the increase in portfolio sales.

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Speculative construction: Who has the most to lift?

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U.S. speculative development is increasing across the country with an emphasis on the west coast.  Speculative developers have focused their attention to the consistent net absorption gains in gateway markets, a dwindling supply of large blocks of Class A space and build-to-suit activity.  By geography, the West has the highest speculative to total construction ratio with 66 percent, followed by central and then the east.  Read this weeks IndustrialImpact series to learn more about U.S.… Read More