The ‘Quiet Riot’ Is Changing the Workplace

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Why are more and more workplaces focusing on acoustic control as a means to improve the employee experience?

Because the impact on productivity is undeniable.  Below are examples of independent studies on the impact of implementing appropriate “speech privacy” measures and related acoustical conditions on office workers:


Noise is a distraction, but it is often controllable.

Listen to your workplace. It is sending you a message. Hopefully, you can hear it!

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Bob-Best-85wBob Best is Executive VP for Technical Services with JLL, where he has worked in energy and sustainability, property management, new business development, marketing and a myriad of other areas since 1986. He is a LEED Accredited Professional, a Green Globes Professional, and co-author of The Green + Productive Workplace: The Office of the Future… Today

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